Weekly Homework

  • It is important for students to complete their homework every night. Homework packets are sent home on Monday and should be completed throughout the week. 

    If your child is absent, he or she will receive their homework packet when they return to school.

    Looking for more homework than what was assigned? Your child can:
    • Read a book and discuss what the book was about
      • For fiction (stories) be sure to include:
        • Who was in the story (characters)
        • Where the story took place (setting)
        • What happened (sequence of events)
        • How the story ended
      • For nonfiction (information books) include:
        • The topic or what the book was about
        • Facts or details
    • Have an adult or sibling read a book (in any language) to them 
    • Write a true story about something they did
    • Write an information book about something they know all about
    • Practice name, letter, or number writing.
    • Make a personal word wall including names and words they want to learn
    • Practice counting to 100 by 1's and 10's
    • Play a math game (Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, Hi Ho! Cherry-O, Sorry!, Go Fish, War (card game) etc.)
    • Talk with you about what they did/learned that day or week
    Paper for writing and a blank word wall can be found in the "Fundations" section.