• The Kindergarten Class Classroom Expectations and Procedures

    The Kindergarten classroom is a community. Throughout the year we will be learning how to work together and share our supplies. Working together helps students learn valuable lessons:
    *Taking turns
    *Being patient
    *Being kind
    This year we will be emphasizing using nice words, being polite (saying please, thank you, and excuse me), and learning how words can help solve problems. Introducing these concepts in school and practicing at home will help reinforce them and help your children grow into proud members of our classroom!

    Our classroom rules are established at the beginning of the school year with the children's help. 

    We develop these rules together and then agree to follow them.  Learning in the classroom can only take place with the cooperation of the teacher, parents and students.  

    1. Magic 5
    2. Keep your hands 
    and feet to yourself
    3. Work quietly
    4. Walk nicely

    Together we can provide a better learning environment for all of the children. 

    Below you will find a link to help you see what are the expectations in reading and math with the common core curriculum:


    Use the link below to find the kindergarten road map for both ELA and Math to learn more.