7th Grade ELA


    Dear 7th Grade Students, 

        We are going to post all assignments over the next few weeks on Google Classroom! Each day you will be given a different assignment for each subject. You MUST be signed into your PS/IS 49 account to access Google Classroom at home. You will need to check each subject's Google Classroom page daily. If you have questions for your teachers you should send an email to your teacher. Please do not post on the class stream unless it is absolutely necessary! Any inappropriate comments on the stream will be deleted and result in comments being disabled.  


    Sincerely your 7th grade ELA teachers, 



    Ms. Lee - Jlee48@schools.nyc.gov

    Mrs. Theoharis - Ltheoharis@schools.nyc.gov

    MMs. Epstein - Lepstein6@schools.nyc.gov

    Ms. Conway - Kconway3@schools.nyc.gov


    **You MUST be signed in to your psis49.org account to access your teacher’s Google Classroom page**

    ELA - Google Classroom Code and NewsELA code below(scroll down) 



    Welcome 7th Graders! 
    This website will be shared by all of the 7th Grade English Language Arts classes and teachers. 
    We are looking forward to a great year!
    - Ms. Lee, Ms. Epstein, Mrs.Theoharis, and Ms. Conway
    • 701 Class Codes:
    Google Classroom - zz3ykh
    • 702 Class Codes:
    Google Classroom - r09gci
    NewsELA- DP746W
    • 703 Class Codes:
    Google Classroom - tao4zl4
    NewsELA- XZTX5N
    • 704 Class Codes:
    Google Classroom -  gfn9ctj
    NewsELA- 9K2EGS
    Scholastic Book Club Online Order Code for Ms. Lee: H2LY8
    Read Aloud Books - 
    * The Giver by Lois Lowry
    * The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton 

     **** School-Wide Grading Policy 

    • Homework - 15%
    • Tests/Quizzes - 35%
    • Oral Participation/Classwork - 25%
    • Projects/Writing Assignments - 25% 

    Google Classroom Instructions

     Please log on with your child to review the features of Google Classroom. 

    Any student who doesn't know his/her account information should let Mrs. Theoharis know as soon as possible. 

     I also encourage students to download the Google Classroom app on their smartphone or tablet. This enables them to receive notifications when assignments or announcements have been posted, with handouts and worksheets attached. 


    How to Join a Class:

    Go to classroom.google.com.  Click on the + symbol at the top left of the page.  Click "Join Class." Enter the appropriate class code.